Meet The WAHMaholic

My name is Kaye. I am:

a filipina-mommy, an ebook-reader,

a john-mayer-lover, a romance/sex comedy flick-addict and an indecisive-soul.

I am a moron magnet so if you are inexplicably drawn to me, then there is a high probability that you are a moron.

I have an adorable little piglet named svetlana who seems to be growing up so fast and a hardheaded partner in life whom I fondly call paulie and they just both make me love my life even more.

I graduated with a Business Management degree plastered on my diploma, but I went and followed my heart’s desire, and that is, to open a vein and write, write, write as an emotional outlet and as a source of income.

First job landed me as a proofreader. Found out the work entailed was too boring (but I did learn a lot from it, which I was able to apply in my later career as a writer), so got out after four months of looking for typo and grammatical mistakes all day long. Second and third job I found myself with the title “writer/researcher” on my desk, although it’s more of a euphemism for what I really do (slave my butt off for lazy people).

Entered momhood and gained a new perspective on things. Currently a work at home mom who still occasionally falls back into being a “writer/researcher”, but is struggling to write for the real deal. So far, so good.